Work to prevent future work first, get things done later

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Most people seem to think of productivity as task efficiency. Popular methods like the Ivy Lee method aim to prioritize task lists and help decide which tasks should be done or delegated, while others aim to increase the efficiency of completing a single task or given task list.

How Musk’s companies are able to beat existing industry giants using 6 fundamental design principles.

Two SpaceX Falcon Heavy Booster rockets landing simultaneously
Two SpaceX Falcon Heavy Booster rockets landing simultaneously
Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

This article describes six fundamentals of what is — in my opinion — the best way to develop new products. Like so many, I’ve been inspired by people like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk and have spent countless hours watching interviews, reading books and experimenting first-hand with product development in my own company, and continue to do so at the companies where I work.

While everyone is focused on making pods that whizz through low-pressure tubes, underground travel is the real takeaway

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During an interview from 2012, Elon somewhat overconfidently coins a “fifth mode of transportation” he calls Hyperloop. After inspiring many to guess what he meant, an Alpha paper was released by Musk himself. It was basically a revival of tube transport meets hovertrain with a twist.

Matt Neut

System architect with an applied physics background and a love for philosophy, psychology, art, engineering and great design.

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